Democratie en onderzoekscommissies

A recent investigative piece by The New York Times sheds light on the terrifying amount of murders the US Army covered up and just how little they actually care about human life.

In the end, the author of the report arrives at the conclusion that the military was never concerned with reducing the civilian death toll] and that the processes of assessment were only implemented as a “psychological veneer.”

But the question remains, why is the veneer of procedure in a democracy actually there?

The answer is that the fundamental underpinning of democracy is appearance, not substance. Democracy, a system built fundamentally on the concept of compromise, has no place for truth or conviction. It, by design, empowers the kind of amoral sociopaths who are willing to do anything to achieve electoral success. So while they are unwilling to let go of the material gains of the endless wars, they know they can manage to keep the public outcry to a minimum through the smoke and mirrors of “procedure.”

This is also the reason why the US government goes after whistle blowers with such ferocity even when there is a public outcry of support for those whistle blowers. Other bloody-handed Western democracies in turn readily give their support for prosecutions of truth tellers, as seen in the recent case of Assange and the UK.

The democratic, freedom-loving West, who ostensibly prides itself on allowing dissent and liberty, suddenly marches in lock step whenever their true nature is revealed.


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