Is een besluit echt beter omdat het “democratisch” tot stand komt?

Under the democratic ideology, the value of any law or right exists so far as it is approved by a majority of the voting base. Your freedom is always merely a question of approval by others, the value of the aspects of your life you treasure the most is always up for question and even the rights you thought were most fundamental can be taken away by the mere apathetic casting of a ballot.

While today this is the freedom of movement and bodily autonomy in Switzerland, in many places and times in the past and the present this same democratic tyranny extends to even one’s religious freedom.

The democratic ideology likes to paint an image of well-informed, rational, and independent citizenry that is concerned for the well being of others. The reality, however, is that concerted media campaigns, often on the behest of governments and industry leaders, shape the values held by rootless democratic societies which directly result in the outcomes of their popular votes.

It was in the not-too-distant past that one such fearmongering campaign after 9-11 created the democratic legitimacy for a campaign of tyranny targeting the freedoms of Muslims throughout the democratic west. Muslims in the west feel its effects to this day.

In the end, this should serve to prove once again the superiority of Sharia. Our fundamental rights and freedoms are provided to us by our Maker, and our religious order is shaped to protect them regardless of what the most recent popular zeitgeist might be. Thus, in contrast to these tyrannies of the many, a Muslim society, guided by Allah’s law, is never in danger of allowing that which is evil and unjust or prohibiting that what is good and just.


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